HVAC services in MOAmerican Services HVAC services in Saint Louis MO knows that many facility managers realize that major HVAC upgrades can be some of the most complex projects. There is tremendous potential for hundreds of things to go wrong such as, workplace disruption and equipment challenges.  But a healthy preparation, implementation plan, open communication between tenants and service providers and realistic expectations can prevent HVAC equipment installations from becoming bogged down.

Obviously in any big project the starting point is proper planning. Every proactive facility manager instinctively knows this. But the principle can never be repeated often enough, according to a National facilities operations manager for large automotive manufacture.

The same facility manager also recommends developing back-up (plan B and C) scenarios for any disruptions to the schedule.   Make a list of “what-ifs” include unfavorable weather, equipment delivery delays, structural considerations demanded by new HVAC units on existing roofs, crane availability and access, and more.

One of the directors of space and facility operations, for a large SW Arizona university echoes the sentiment. In his case, he had to plan far in advance to accommodate the needs and requirements of lab users on campus eliminating a lot of potential problems.

“Make sure you have their buy-in, and leave room in the schedule for unforeseen issues since they’re unavoidable on projects of this magnitude,” according to a facility manager of a large computer software company.

A director of engineering for the southern California region of large warehouse terminals also relies heavily on an ongoing plan for replacement. “All HVAC components have a projected longevity, and we try to stay way in front of that lifespan.” The motivation to stay out in front of upgrades is common among proactive facility managers, particularly during tight economic times, when every expenditure faces more than the usual scrutiny.”