Question MarkToday, the team at American Services will answer one of the most commonly asked questions concerning HVAC replacement.  Should I replace both my furnace and air conditioning units although only one is needed at this time?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question isn’t cut and dry.  First, you must consider the age of both units.  If both the furnace and air conditioner were installed at the same time, one must consider the fact that they are both likely wearing at an equal rate.  This means that although one may still be working properly, it is only a matter of a few years before it needs to be replaced also. On the other hand, if the units have been replaced individually in the past, you may very well have quite a few years left on the functioning unit.  You will also want  to consider the compatibility and efficiency of the new unit compared to the old.  Make sure to have a professional inspection on the functioning unit to determine a reasonable life expectancy compared to the failing unit.

Once you have that portion figured out, it’s time to think about cost.  In general, your contractor will be able to replace both pieces of your HVAC system in a more cost-effective manner compared to doing one piece at a time.  Doing them together is also a little more convenient, as you will only experience the minor construction that this process entails once, as compare to twice.  All of these factors together will help you come to the best conclusion for your needs.

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