hvac maintenace service in MOAmerican Services HVAC installation service in St. Louis, knows that no matter how much cleaning you have done in your commercial building, if your HVAC system is in need of cleaning, you will not reduce the number of airborne allergens and dust floating in the air.  In fact, maintaining your commercial HVAC system will even help reduce allergens and provide cleaner air for you and your employees.

Many heating and cooling systems need regular cleaning as well as regular change of the filters in order to keep the air quality high.  When filters are not changed regularly, employees are at higher risk of developing airborne illnesses-which translates to lower production levels for the company.  All types of heating and cooling systems need regular maintenance, even portable units and wall mounted radiators need cleaning.  Fans located in most heating and cooling systems collect dust and require frequent cleaning in order to produce high air quality and decrease the risk of airborne respiratory infections.

Now that autumn is here and the HVAC systems will soon shift to heating mode, it’s a perfect time for regular maintenance on your commercial HVAC system, before you end up circulating all the dust and particles that have accumulated in your system over the summer.

Each HVAC system is different and thus, has different needs for maintenance and filter changes.  Most furnaces require monthly filter changes. HVAC systems also require regular duct cleaning.  The EPA puts out a brochure explaining when you should clean out commercial HVAC ducts.

No matter what type of HVAC system your commercial business has, you will want to educate yourself on how and when to do regular maintenance to ensure your system is working optimally all year long, and add to the quality of the air in your commercial space.  This will help those with allergies to dust and other particles to breathe easier.

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