Is your company in the health care sector of business?  Do you depend on a stable environment and steady room temp?  What about humidity, is this also some your company worries about? Most in the medical or pharmaceutical industry require very strict guide lines for both the temperature and humidity in their buildings. Maintaining these climate control facilities must be done around the clock.  Failure to do so can endanger products and be very costly.

Hospitals and other medical treatment facilities especially depend on stable HVAC systems.  The complexity of these systems boils down to the fact that not only human comfort is involved but also the sensitive equipment and pharmaceuticals being used.

Many older facilities have older cooling towers to support their indoor environments.  When one of these goes down, the safety of the health of the facility is put in to jeopardy. The most common of the issues with the older cooling towers is corrosion.  This is caused mainly because the older towers are predominately made of metal.  On newer cooling towers a trend to go with plastic cooling towers seems to fix this issue.

Plastic cooling towers use an advanced technology that will eliminate the corrosion problems therefore creating savings in maintenance and operations. The plastic used is a high-density polyethylene.  It is impervious to corrosive water and the chemicals found in it.  But it is even impervious to the corrosive elements that are found in the air from pollutants and chemicals emitted by industrial industries.

If you do not have one of these cooling towers, you will have to have more maintenance to make sure your system is working correctly and efficiently.  Talk to your repair specialist near South County about HVAC maintenance plans today. Your business can’t afford to have one of these systems go down. Your patients and customers are depending on you.