HVAC Installation Near St PetersIncorporating an HVAC zoning system into your commercial space can be a money-saver, while providing the most balanced comfort for employees and customers.  Today, the American Services St. Peters HVAC installation team present you with the common pros and cons related to utilizing this type of system.

The benefits or PROS related to utilizing an HVAC zoning system include:

  • Added temperature control across each zone of your business.
  • The ability to shut-down unused areas during those times when no one is utilizing them for work purposes.  (Although it is important to note that you must leave areas warm enough to avoid issues with freezing.)
  • Zoning systems are much less expensive than installing multiple units.
  • Due to the operator’s ability to better control temperature settings, there is a significant cost savings associated with properly running a zoned HVAC unit.
  • When compared to a conventional blower motor, the variable speed motors used for zoned systems consume about 1/3 the power.  This adds to your overall savings.

The limitations or CONS related to utilizing an HVAC zoning system include:

  • If you are in need of small zones, a zoning system is unable to accommodate your needs due to the lack of air deliverability.
  • You must have a 2-stage air conditioner along with a variable speed blower or air handler equipped furnace.
  • Unless your equipment is installed properly, you could have issues with humidity distribution.
  • Must have a dump zone where excess air can be relieved by the system.

As you can see, installing a zoning system is a great way to boost efficiency, save money, and create a more desirably air conditioned/heated business.  If you feel like a zoning system is something you could benefit from, please feel free to contact the American Services team for complete details!