HVACBack in 2013, Obama said that the United States federal government must double its reliance on renewable energy by 2020, meaning that 20 percent of its energy supplies will need to come from renewable sources. Here at your St Louis HVAC Industrial Sales near Webster Groves, we are researching the benefits to this movement in the HVAC world and how it has had an impact thus far in what businesses are doing in this category of commercial needs.

“The added reliance on green energy has several benefits, including the ability to decrease the ‘environmental footprint’ on the plant, according to the U.S. EPA as well as to alleviate energy security issues while spurring economic growth within the U.S. Of course, this growing trend has resulted in many changes in HVAC technologies.” Some of the added revenue is stemming from all of the research that must go into HVAC changes for energy efficiency and renewal.  “Companies in the U.S. and worldwide are involved in research to create more energy-efficient traditional systems as well as new types of systems that run off alternative energies, such as geothermal or solar.”  Here, at your St Louis HVAC installation near Webster Groves, we continue to put effort into staying on top of the latest directives and implementing the newest policies, as well as passing them onto you.

There are seven rather new “green” technologies that have been birthed and evolved from the HVAC industry as an effect of the above government and environmental concerns.  We will begin our journey through them and continue in future posts on behalf of your Commercial HVAC installation in St Louis near Webster Groves.  The first green technology is the “on command” hot water heater and we will go into more detail in the posts that follow.