thermostatHere, on behalf of your St Louis HVAC sales and service near Ballwin MO, we discussed the possibility of handling your own thermostat installation, assuming you may need one.  You’re your HVAC causes issues, it is important to be able to diagnose the problem to the best of your ability, then seek professional help when you come to the end of your rope.  Say you determine that it is indeed a thermostat you need for your St Louis HVAC system near St Peters.  What type of thermostat do I need?  This is a question best answered by researching.  In doing so, on behalf of your HVAC sales in St Louis MO, we found that the first step is to survey your heating and cooling systems to see what type you have (heat pump, boiler, furnace, electric baseboard).  “If you have a boiler you need to count the number of wires in the old thermostat. If you have three wires it requires a special unit.”

According to the expert articles we read from online on behalf of your St Louis HVAC sales near Ballwin MO, we know that another thing is to check the number of stages you have of heating and cooling. “This can best be done by looking inside the old thermostat. If you have more than one stage of cooling there will be y1 and y2 terminals with wires on them. If you have a two stage furnace, there will be w1 and w2 terminals with wires on them.”

You must also find out what the source of power is that is available to the unit. This can be accomplished by looking at the existing control and looking for the following, according to our research on behalf of your HVAC sales near Ballwin. “If you are replacing a digital unit, look for a C terminal. If there is not a C terminal or there is no wire attached to it, you will need a battery operated replacement unit. If there is a C terminal with a wire attached to it, You can use a system or battery powered unit. If you are replacing a mechanical thermostat, it is best to get a battery powered replacement.”