HVAC repair in MissouriAmerican Services HVAC industrial services in St. Louis, is committed to keeping its loyal blog readers and customers updated on the latest in HVAC news. It is not uncommon that  building inspectors have to issue fines from the department of code enforcement for companies utilizing unlicensed contractors operating to install commercial HVAC systems. Slang labels such as fly by nighters, moonlighters are the terms being used for unlicensed contractors operating anywhere. They offer a great bargain that could wind up costing you double or more. These unlicensed contractors are able to offer reduced rates because they refuse to pay state licensing, bonding requirements, and workers compensation insurance.  You can be sure this illegal contractor has failed to obtain required building permits; this should warn you he is working outside of code requirements.  As a business owner you can be held liable an in violation of state law, where applicable, insure your contractor displays the proper credentials prior to hiring a company for contract work Federal statute section 608, states that handling transfer maintenance, installation of equipment that contain refrigerants, must be certified by United States environmental protection agency. Is a violation to work under any other type of certification? One of the most glaring deficiencies in the HVAC industry is the chaotic requirements each state requires. Industry expert Chris prince explains that a total of 30 states require HVAC license, while the other 20 mandate registration bonding and insurance requirements, but may not require HVAC contractor licensing. California needs their contractors to obtain contracting license, and business licenses both from the city and county in which they operate before being able to operate. In contrast, $25,000 bond is all it takes to operate in Minnesota which does not require licensing. Minnesota’s neighbor Wisconsin Requires the contractor to sign up and pay a fee; the contractor may then conduct operations. Continuing across the upper Midwest; getting a mechanical contractors license, paying a 75 dollar fee, producing 3 years experience, and of course possessing good moral character is all that is required.