water damage HVAC repair in MOAmerican Services commercial HVAC service near Ladue knows that commercial HVAC systems are prone to causing water damage if they are not regularly inspected, the preventative maintenance is not kept up, and if problems are overlooked. An inexpensive fix left untouched can lead to major water damage in your building resulting in expensive repairs. Ensure your staff knows what to look for in their office or as they move throughout your building on a daily basis.

Moisture problems can occur in commercial buildings when there is uncontrolled airflow. Typical problems are a result of commercial HVAC systems that have an imbalanced airflow that results in air loss to the outside. Some common causes of this negative pressure situation is insufficient return air supply, improper balance of ventilation and exhaust systems, and supply duct leaks. It is important that relative humidity be monitored in all areas of the building, as this can be an indicator of problems. Proper preventative maintenance measures includes checking the HVAC system balance regularly to ensure appropriate pressures and airflow. Additionally, it is important to check HVAC response to thermostats, humidistats, and other control systems regularly.

In large buildings that utilize cooling towers there is an enormous amount of water that gets moved around. Correct drainage and basic plumbing systems within your commercial HVAC system is imperative and are critical to performance and risk reduction. As a preventative measure to reduce the potential of water damage, fan belts, motors, and other basic system components should be appropriately inspected, lubricated and maintained. All rooftop systems should be checked monthly, especially all water distribution systems and drainage elements.