Technician Servicing Heating BoilerChoosing your HVAC service provider can be tough considering the many choices you have in the area.  You want to make sure you will get the service you need, along with a reliable and knowledgeable HVAC technician to complete the work.  Today, let’s talk about some characteristics to look for in your next HVAC technician.

  • Certifications – Look for your HVAC technician to have a number of documented certifications in both his field and areas of expertise.  The most important of these certifications is the North American Technician Excellence or NATE certification.  Having graduated from a NATE certification program means that individual meets or exceeds the experience, training, and knowledge needed to be a high-quality tech in the HVAC-R industry.
  • Timeliness – Your technician should be someone you can count on.  This means that they arrive according to schedule and finish scheduled work orders within the estimated amount of time given to you as the customer.  A great way to get full details on the reputation of a particular HVAC company, ask around or explore websites.
  • Appearance, Grooming, and Boot Covers – The way your technician presents himself says a lot about his attention to detail.  Anyone how comes to your business to perform service work should be in a clean uniform, be properly groomed, and should always respect your property by wearing boot covers inside your establishment.
  • Prepared and Clean-Up – Your tech should arrive with the right tools and parts for the job indicated in the service write-up.  If you have an experience where your technician in not prepare due to poor planning, that may be a sign of an unfavorable choice.
  • Business Longevity – When researching HVAC service providers near Hazelwood, take the longevity of the business in consideration.  The fact that a service provider has been around for many years is a sign that they must be attracting customers for the right reasons.

Next time you want to switch-up your HVAC service provider, give American Services a call.  Our team is guaranteed to meet your needs!