O'Fallon Area Commercial HVAC ServicesAccording to many within the HVAC industry, there are three main trends within HVAC today.  These three trends include green initiatives, indoor air quality (IAQ), and emergency preparedness.  Today, let’s take a look at how these three trends will play into your commercial HVAC service near O’Fallon!

When those in the HVAC industry talk green initiatives, most of the chatter revolves around the improvement of environmental air quality and the reduction of energy consumption.  Improvements in these areas aren’t new to the industry, as both have been improved greatly in the last century thanks to advances in the areas of heating, AC, and ventilation.  Yet, even more advancements are set to reduce heating and cooling loads even further – including the use of glass tinting to better regulate interior air temperature.

The next area that is trending within the industry revolves around indoor air quality.  As homes and businesses continue to utilize better materials that seal-off outdoor air, concern for the air we breath continues to rise.  This is a very valid concern and will require technicians to emphasize the need for proper ventilation while still utilizing energy efficiency upgrades.  Look for a more advancements that will help with the monitoring and adjustment of indoor air quality in response to this issue.

Finally, emergency preparedness is an area that, if ignored, can cost businesses thousands of dollars in damage to structures, loss of productivity, and equipment replacement.  The HVAC industry has realized this area of concern and has started to respond with solutions that will temporarily support equipment in a way that should remove the dangers mentioned above.

Thank you for joining the American Services team for this post today!  Look for more posts on this material in the coming months!