space heaters vs HVAC in MOAmerican Services commercial HVAC maintenance in Missouri, knows that for those who live in cold winter climates, there are many heating and cooling options, but which are the most cost effective?

When it comes to commercial heating, there are many factors that affect whether or not space heaters (with the primary HVAC heat thermostat on low) is more cost effective for heating small spaces within your commercial building.  Some of those factors include;

• How much energy the space heater utilizes
• How cost efficient the HVAC system is
• How much the utility fees are for natural gas vs electricity

Considering these factors, there are several more factors that can influence which type of Heating is the most cost effective. One variable is how cold is the mean temperature in the room you are heating, if it is below 50 degrees it may take a considerable amount of time to heat the office or room-not to mention the risk of frozen pipes. Basically consider how hard the space heater will need to work to heat the room.
Basic electric space heaters are overall less efficient than HVAC systems. If you are still considering a space heater, here are some tips from to ensure you get the most energy efficient model;

1. Buy one that is designed to heat a room the same size as the office/space you plan to heat
2. Compare wattage from several different models and ensure you select the one that uses less energy
3. Look for thermostat and timer settings, these features will  save energy and control the temperature so the room will not get too hot

Many office spaces can be kept warm and cozy in the winter by using a space heater during office hours and keeping the thermostat low on the building HVAC system during off hours. If you want more information on commercial HVAC maintenance or installation, contact us today at American Services.