HVAC services in MissouriAmerican Services HVAC installation and repair in Missouri knows that enhanced efficiency, greater occupant comfort, and public relations which promote environmentally responsible choices-are all reasons to update your commercial HVAC system.  If that’s not reason enough to upgrade your buildings’ existing HVAC system, what about the risk of complete equipment failure?

A major university in the southwest completed a complete HVAC upgrade six months ago and is already experiencing additional system capacity, with cutbacks in lab exhaust. The systems are still being tweaked, but officials are certain they’re saving energy. A University source says” We’re  constantly engaged in energy audits in our properties, with our  HVAC upgrade installation complete, we are beginning to understand our building’s performance.”

Maintenance Staff who monitor the project monthly via real time find that the benefits are in the form of reduced energy expended in an environmentally safe process. The primary benefits
have been a reduction in energy cost, and decrease in maintenance cost.

Three separate facility managers help make the case for HVAC upgrade and retrofitting.

1. Arizona State University officials commented,” We could not obtain repair parts, so we limped along under manual control for several years.

2. Spokesman for Brookfield Properties Corporation,” we replaced the items because some of the existing drives were starting to fail, they were operating at 100 percent which is not efficient.
Implementing an HVAC upgrade we immediately began to improve reliability, and energy savings.

3. Toyota Motor Sales U.S. operations sources reports” We are in the process of replacing many self-contained, single and multi-zone package rooftop HVAC Boxcar units that have exceeded their useful life.” “ Making the decision to implement HVAC upgrade retrofit installations, results in better control and interface, with the most energy efficient units from a life cycle cross perspective.”

Regardless of the HVAC system or methodology selected, building owners or facility managers can exceed expectations during HVAC upgrades with a bit of planning, implementation, and open communication with the contractor, such as American Services in St. Louis MO.