Maximize EfficiencySometimes restaurant owners can accidentally overlook energy depleting systems that are costing them hundreds of extra dollars each month.  One of the systems that is often overlooked is HVAC.  An up-to-date and energy efficient HVAC system is key in keeping your heating and cooling costs down and will keep customers comfortable in a reliable way.  Today, let’s take a look at some of the other reasons why having an energy efficient HVAC system is so important.

  • As mentioned above, a huge reason to invest in an efficient system is the money savings.  In fact some can save up to 20% on their energy costs with a more efficient system and recoup their investment in six to twelve months.
  • Reducing your energy consumption lowers your impact on the environment with fewer carbon emissions.
  • With many of the newer systems, business owners gain round-the-clock monitoring and control of settings via the web.  These systems allow you the chance to set parameters around usage that can not be changed by employees.  Some will also offer energy management through a third-party to lessen the burden on management and maximize energy savings.
  • Putting some extra attention on how “green” your business is can attract new customers who share in your care for the environment.  Take advantage of the possibility of local press, positive brand imaging, and even awards for the efforts you make to save energy and help the environment.

At American Services our team of professional HVAC technicians near Florissant are ready to help you make the most informed decision possible regarding the updating of your heating and cooling equipment.  These professionals will come to your place of business, assess your current and future needs, and then give you a free estimate regarding the equipment you will need to save the most on your energy bills.  Give our customer care team a call now to set up your free consultation today!