robot waiterYour Refrigeration Sales and Service in St Louis is continuing the conversation that was started on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration Installation near O Fallon MO regarding the potential automation of the restaurant industry.  In a world where restaurant staff is getting paid more and more with minimum wage increases, it is forecast to be just a matter of time before it is less expensive to stock the St Louis Restaurants with automation rather than human workers.  So, what else, besides cost, is a factor in the delay of such a movement?  We set out to answer this and other questions surrounding the subject on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration Sales near O Fallon MO.

“Technology, in this case automation, represents a very alluring option to help offset rising labor costs for a variety of reasons. It’s new. It’s different. It helps create that wow factor that guests love and positions a business as being leading edge. But it’s also important to realize that developing and implementing automation comes with a cost.”  Although running such an environment may indeed be more cost effective over time, the initial set up expenses are likely extreme and may be out of the restaurant’s budget as initial costs.

Also, other customer-driven forces continue to work against automation. Chief among these factors is providing guests the ability to customize their orders.  This would be impossible in a machine driven environment, unless controlled by some human touch, either employee or consumer one.  On behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration Sales, we found one other point worth mentioning, “Oftentimes, automation favors repeating the same task time and again with very little variation. This remains in stark contrast to what today’s food service customer expects. So, for automation to be successful in a food service application it must be elastic enough to provide flexibility and variety to guests.”  This may still be on the eventual horizon, but could also be one reason for the hold up.