refrigeration in MOTraditional refrigerants, that have been used in HVAC refrigeration systems for the past fifty years have been declared to be a threat to the environment. As a consequence, the industry has been required to search for a suitable replacement. Currently, the most popular choice for HVAC refrigeration systems is Refrigerant 22. However, with Refrigerant 22, there are concerns of efficiency and service use, as well as environmental issues. Today, Refrigerant 410A is being studied as a suitable replacement.

R- 410A is safe, much like R-22 but technicians must be aware of several differences in the handling of R-410A. When the cylinders containing R-410A are sitting upright, the valve will release liquid refrigerant, when charging with vapor, the cylinder must be turned upside down as the dip tube reaches near the bottom of the cylinder. R-410A at a temperature of twenty degrees colder than R-22 which increases the danger of frostbite on exposed skin. Technicians should be trained to wear protective equipment at all times. Recovery cylinders used with R410-A are different from R-22 recovery cylinders. R-410A recovery cylinders are constructed and tested to higher pressures, 400 PSIG.

R-410A vapor pressure is from 50% to 70% higher that R-22 at the same temperature and requires different service hoses, manifolds and gauges to withstand the higher pressure. Additionally, the oils used with the two refrigerants differ. R-410A uses synthetic oil called Polyolester which also requires special handling. It is hygroscopic and must be kept sealed until used.

When investigating the options related to the use of various refrigerants, it is essential to have a clear understanding for the basics of the pros and cons.

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