cold ice cubes Choosing an ice machine that gives you clients the quality ice they want is important to all refrigeration clients near O’Fallon.  Today, let’s take a look at just a few tips on choosing the right machine for your needs!

What are the main differences in home-based and commercial ice machines?

The main differences you notice when choosing a commercial ice machine versus what you would have in your home include means of dispensing the ice, energy savings opportunities, and the number of available accessories.

What types of commercial ice machines are on the market?

There are two types of commercial ice machines on the market.  These include water-cooled machines and air-cooled machines.  You will find that the water-cooled machines are more energy efficient and that air-cooled machines are more water-efficient.

What key factors should be considered when selecting the right ice machine?

There are 5 key factors to remember when choosing an ice machine.  These factors are:

  • Melt Times – Think about your typical customer and how long they expect their drink to stay cold.  Larger ice equates to a slower melt and will make a drink last longer.
  • Volume – How much ice do you need per day?  How much will you need in the future as your customer base grows?
  • Customer Preference – Do your customers typically like a cube that can be chewed? How is your water quality?  Should you upgrade with a filter to make the taste of your ice more pleasant?
  • Maintenance – When thinking about maintenance it’s important to remember that all machines will need some.  At the same time, the team at American Services can help you choose a model with a good track record for creating the lease hassle.
  • Locations – Where will you be storing your ice machine?  You may have to get creative if limited on space, but in need of a larger machine that creates a larger volume of ice.

Contact the American Service team for more help with your next ice machine purchase!