restaurant refrigeration in MOAmerican Services commercial refrigeration repair service in Missouri is committed to offering tips for business owners to keep their refrigeration equipment in the best possible working order.

Be sure that your machine is unplugged before you begin any cleaning of your unit.

Note that there are several parts on a unit that need to be cleaned regularly including;

Condenser Coil

The condenser coil is located in various spots and can usually be found by checking the owner’s manual or asking our technicians to point it out when we are doing regular maintenance checks.  The coil needs to be cleaned monthly.

Remove lint and dust with a commercial condenser coil cleaner you purchase from your local kitchen equipment retailer. After cleaning the fins, straighten any bent fins with using a comb.

Fan Blades and Motor

The fan blades and motor on commercial refrigerator both needto be cleaned on a regular monthly basis, with a soft cloth on the motor as well as the blades.  Be sure to cover the motor with a dry cloth when you clean the fan blades to prevent moisture from entering and causing damage.


Refrain from using steel wool, or harsh cleaning chemicals (including bleach) when cleaning the interior of your unit, which could damage the finish and leave strong smells which could affect the food.  Use warm water and mild soap instead. On a weekly basis remove the door gaskets and allow them to soak in warm water and soap for around a half an hour.  Then remove the gaskets, dry and replace.  Make sure they still create a good seal once you have reattached them.  Remove and clean the shelves once a week as well.