commercial refrigeration repair in IllinoisAmerican Services industrial refrigeration sales in Overland, knows that there are a multitude of commercial refrigeration systems currently being utilized in retail food applications, as well as supermarkets.

Some of these various systems include; central refrigeration systems connected to food display cases, self-contained display cases, and walk in refrigerators and freezers.  New technology today includes ever changing new design known as distributed systems being deployed in the cooling industry-for example; refrigeration compressors and associated components located near the display cases.

There are still many indirect systems in which a primary refrigeration classification cools a secondary fluid, this fluid then circulates through an additional loop to the display cases. In either case the choice of refrigerant will depend on the specific parameters of the application.

Environmental Considerations for Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration systems began to undergo a transition around the mid-80s. This transition concerned itself with using ozone depleting refrigerant compounds including chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) changing to low or non-ozone depleting compounds such as hydro chlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) and hydro fluorocarbons (HFC). To a lesser degree ammonia hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide is being used throughout the industry.

Though many of these compounds have been perfected, and they are non-ozone-depleting, many do have global warming potential (GWP). There are two aspects to global warming that should be considered when selecting a refrigerant. The first is the GWP of the refrigerant compound itself if emitted is called the “direct affect.”.

Another concern is the amount of energy consumed to operate equipment, the “indirect affect.”
These two aspects considered together represent the most significant portion of life cycle climate performance (LCCP).

Yet another consideration includs the cost of the system safety, to the user, service technician, and the public.