brandWhether you are buying your first one or setting out to replace what you already have, buying restaurant equipment, such as commercial refrigeration in St Louis near O’Fallon MO, can be a hassle that leaves you frustrated to say the least.  There are some basic tips that we intend to share, when it comes to shopping for your St Louis Refrigeration near O’Fallon, we hope it helps ease the process.  In this post, we cover the importance of putting some stock in the brand of refrigeration you choose.

Be aware of the brand. “Like most products you buy, your commercial refrigerator’s brand matters. There are a lot of manufacturers out there, so it’s important to zero in on a manufacturer you know you can trust.” There will be different commercial refrigeration brands focused on a variety of things.  Some will be quality focused, but may also be higher priced.  Others will be value focused with the price being the most affordable part, but may sacrifice some features or quality.

According to the research we did on behalf of your Refrigeration Sales and Service in St Louis, the following is true, “Bottom line: every manufacturer has its niche. True, Turbo Air, and Delfield are three well-known and trusted names in the refrigeration biz that are worth putting your stock in.” Don’t forget that each of the brands deemed safe bets, also often have used models floating about that are worth consideration.  “Because these brands are trusted to last a long time and are of such high quality, it is often beneficial for restaurants to purchase them as pre-owned equipment. This will save you money, while not compromising quality.”  Most places, like your Refrigeration Sales in St Louis will also guarantee their sale of whichever refrigerator you buy for a minimum of 30 days or longer.