Business dealAs the new year approaches, it’s a great time to start thinking about ways you can maximize the money spend on your expensive refrigeration units.  For some this means an upgrade or replacement, but for others it comes down to putting a preventative maintenance schedule in place.  The best way to get the most out of scheduled maintenance visits is to invest in a Customized Preventative Maintenance Contract from American Services.  Let us tell you why!

First, having a Preventative Maintenance Contract from American Services means that your equipment will be getting the periodic attention it needs to run at peak performance.  No more temperature retention issues or unexpected repairs.  When your equipment is receiving the attention it needs, it just simply works better.

Second, a Preventative Maintenance Contract from American Services will save you money.  Our team will design a plan that fits within your budget and spreads the cost out over time.  This means there will be surprise costs or unexpected rated increase for the terms of your contract, making this type of plan perfect for the business owner who runs a tight budget.

Finally, you will get the satisfaction of knowing that your equipment is in compliance with all manufacture warranties.  You will also know that your equipment will last longer, need fewer repairs, and will need to be replaced less often.  This save you money, time, and down time.

Give the team at American Services a call right now to customize a commercial refrigeration plan for your St. Louis County area business!  Our customer care specialists can be reached at 855-733-1776.  We will get you in touch with our Customizable Preventative Maintenance experts who will help you create a contract that will save you time, money, and increase the overall productivity of your equipment.  Don’t spend 2015 wishing you would have made this investment.  Get a free estimate now!