commercial refrigeration repair in MOAmerican Services commercial Refrigeration Installation in Fenton knows that the initiative to provide cleaner air and establish a greener environment is everyone’s responsibility.

Grocery stores restaurants bars and other businesses are not what we normally think of as being green businesses. The Montreal Protocol changes all that, the pressure this legislation brings about on these types of businesses is to get their act completely cleaned up by 2030. Currently commercial refrigeration relies heavily on R22 as a refrigerant; this refrigerant’s days are numbered. R22 has been found to deplete the ozone layer.

Under the world wide phase-out of ozone depleting HCFCs (Hydro chlorofluorocarbons), which includes the refrigerant R22; the time is now to start thinking of other alternatives, Green alternatives to be specific.

* January 1 2015: U.S. is required to reduce its consumption of HCFC’s by 90 percent below U.S. baseline cap.

* January 1 2020: U.S. is required to reduce its consumption of HCFC’s by 99.5 percent below U.S.
baseline cap.

* January 1 2030: U.S is required to reduce is consumption by 100 percent below U.S. baseline cap.

What these numbers mean is that within the next 4 years the United States will be required to
be 90 percent below its previously allowed usage cap of R22. R22 Has been the most commonly used refrigerant for many decades.

A Natural Alternative R744

A carbon dioxide called R744 is a refrigerant grade CO2, and can be used for variety of refrigeration uses. R744 offers a more ecofriendly option to R22.

Advantages of R744
– Low toxicity
– Nonflammable
– Zero ozone depletion potential
– Very low global warming potential
– Excellent thermodynamic properties and low energy requirement