refrigeration repair in ILAmerican Services refrigeration repair installation in Fenton knows that performing preventative maintenance on your commercial refrigeration system is the best tool you have to prevent major breakdown or costly maintenance repairs. More often than not when things are going well with your refrigeration system, preventative maintenance is the last thing on anyone’s mind. Developing a daily, weekly and monthly preventative maintenance checklist that should include the task, the equipment, who performed the task, and date completed. Below is a list of items you should check on a regular basis:

– Pressure clean and degrease condenser coils
– Clear condensate drain lines
– Check condition of door gaskets for wear and tear or deterioration
– Monitor thermostat settings a couple of times daily
– Monitor temperature and cycling periodically
– Check compressor operation and control wiring
– Check refrigerant level
– Lubricate motors if oil ports are
– Check your refrigeration unit’s. thermometer
– Sure insulation condition on suction line
– Check door hinges and door closures for serviceability
-Check and calibrate defrost timers
This is just a sample refrigeration maintenance checklist ,determine which component requires daily weekly or monthly preventative maintenance checks and services that will best serve and lengthen your commercial refrigeration unit’s operational life span.

Your comprehensive maintenance checklist should also include: preventative maintenance checks an services
(PMCS) For your ice machine
– All removable parts should be taken out and cleaned
– Drain should be pressure cleaned
– An acid wash should be done on the river
– Clean ice level sense probe
Caution : It can be dangerous to have a dirty ice machines.

Comprehensive maintenance checklist for A/C machinery
– Pressure clean condenser coil
– Replace air filters and blower belt
– Check thermostat operation and settings.
Benefits of regular preventative maintenance are:
1. Reduced power consumption. It easy to be green with a little preventative care.
2. Extended life of your equipment especially critical components like the compressor, and the condenser fan motor.
3. Avoid mold growth and contaminated spotted ice.
4. Properly maintain line coolers won’t cause system oil and capillary tube breakdown.
5. Proper door seal reduces energy consumption and extends life of equipment.