refrigerator repair in MissouriAmerican Services refrigeration maintenance service in St. Louis is pleased to announce that Commercial HVAC contractors are paying special attention to how  the phase out of HCFC’s will affect their equipment and businesses, particularly in Colorado where laws are extremely strict even more so than national regulation guidelines.

There are many applications that currently use R22 refrigerant-due to be phased out soon. Refrigerator cases in the supermarket, walk in freezers, ice cream machines, and vending machines are just a few of the examples of commercial refrigeration units that will someday need new non HCFC refrigerant.

Currently the EPA endorses several alternatives to R22 with each one providing different levels of effectiveness. HVAC contractors and companies are concerning themselves with various alternatives to use and how they may affect current refrigeration equipment output performance. The reason is simple; HCFC Production will be halved this year.  This decrease in production will create a significant shortage in supply.

There are many commercial refrigerant replacements and each one has its own positive and
negative properties. The major obstacle these commercial refrigerant replacements is the chemical reaction between mineral oil and these refrigerants. The result is that most places will require new equipment designed for a specific refrigerant replacement. Owners of this new equipment should be notified of any spikes or changes in performance caused by these new replacement refrigerants. The complexity of these new systems means the responsibility falls on the commercial refrigerant systems contractors to educate themselves on these new processes. This will allow contractors such as American Services to provide better service, teach customers how the new commercial refrigerant replacement and the specific machinery designed for it work together.