commercial refrigeration in MOAmerican Services commercial refrigeration service in Saint Louis MO knows that If you run a restaurant you know that food storage is a priority and a good quality freezer can end up saving you a lot of money.  Buying food in bulk is always less expensive, but storing it can often be a problem if your freezer either doesn’t have the capacity or just doesn’t work that well.  Since a freezer is a big expense it only makes sense to know what you’re doing before you buy.

The first thing you want to do when shopping for a product is get an idea of the manufacturers.  Start online and look at some companies that are selling commercial equipment.  From this research gather together some brand names and do some research on those companies, find out what manufacturers have the best reputation and then focus on those brands.  You will want to research any complaints or restaurant forums online that speak specifically to these brands, and also visit the company websites to do some research as well.

Now that you are well armed with information on the brands to shop for, you will want to make sure they are Energy Star qualified.  Shopping for an Energy Star qualified appliance means that the appliance was shown to be energy efficient as deemed by the US Environmental Protection Agency.  This rating will not only cut money from your electricity bill (30% on average), but will also be helping the environment, so it’s a win all the way around.

The next thing to consider as you are shopping around for a freezer is the physical space you have to put the appliance in.  There are a variety of space saving designs to look at, and of course a variety of freezer types from stand up to chest type versions, depending on what space you have to fill.  The other consideration is of course how much storage space you actually need.  Depending on the size of the restaurant and the expected customer volume you will have to size your freezer space accordingly.  Obviously you don’t want something too big as that will cause unnecessary waste or something too small, which will lead to a loss of money because of volume issues.  One way to research this is to find a restaurant in a neighboring town with a similar floor plan and see what they have.  You could even do it in your own town, but sometimes competition issues arise.

The last step is of course to purchase your new freezer and if you’ve done all the research, this should be a fairly simple step.  Make sure you have the correct electrical hook ups and have it professionally installed so nothing is damaged.  After that, buy your food and open the doors so people can start making your restaurant a favorite stop for all things culinary.