refrigeration repair in MOAmerican Services Commercial Refrigeration Service knows that the most common examples of refrigeration is the ordinary household type refrigerator that is normally used to keep food and beverages cold. On the other hand, for commercial business owners who require much more effective and higher yield equipment have a need to be knowledgeable about refrigeration which is critical to making smart decisions about selecting commercial refrigeration systems.  Commercial refrigeration equipment can range from walk in refrigerators, to open display freezers and to blast chillers.

Blast Chillers

Blast Chillers are one of the most commonly used refrigeration systems found throughout the industry today , this type of refrigeration is versatile and can be used in many different commercial venues. What blast chillers mainly do is immediately drop the temperature of foods or beverages very rapidly.

Display Freezers

Display Freezers are one of the most popular refrigeration systems. Commonly found in grocery or convenient stores where refrigerated beverages and foods are displayed. Some variations on this freezer system encompass a see-through window or door or open case options.

Fish Refrigerator

This refrigeration system closely resembles the standard upright refrigeration unit, with one exception; it features sliding trays that allow fish to be placed website analysis report
over them. This refrigeration system is not commonly seen except in coastal fishing economies. One of the biggest advantages of this refrigeration system is that the fish are safely refrigerated or frozen and can be displayed to the customer easily. When wheels are added to this refrigerated/freezer case, the mobile advantage improves efficiency

These refrigeration systems must continually improve with technology as commercial refrigeration demands continue to grow.

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