refrigeration services in MissouriAmerican Services refrigeration repair near Ballwin knows that the first rule in refrigeration operation is to work smarter not harder and save money with the following energy smart solutions;

Recognize that your refrigerator and freezer are not blast chillers-If you need to cool down large quantities of hot food quickly you will need a blast chiller. Refrigerators were not designed to handle this type of job they will have to work extremely hard to bring the temperature back up to the proper degree.

Place in a cool area-Place your refrigeration unit in an area where it will not get too hot. Putting it next to cooking equipment will only make it work harder.

Do not prop refrigerator or freezer doors open–   every restaurant employee has done at one time or another is to prop the door open to the refrigerator or freezer allowing cold air to escape. This will cause excessive energy costs, as well as jeopardizing the integrity of the food.

Keep proper interior temperatures at a steady setting-Most modern commercial refrigeration and freezer models will have externally mounted digital thermometers for easy monitoring. If your thermometer is set to low the condenser unit will run longer than it should, wasting energy and wearing out expensive condensers and other refrigeration components prematurely.  Another way to keep your equipment performing efficiently and with the least amount of energy is to   establish a regular preventative maintenance plan. Keep evaporator coils clean, commercial refrigerator and freezer condensers are a magnet for dust and grime which blocks air flow to the coils which equals increased energy costs.

Inspect door gaskets-Keeping an airtight seal is critical in keeping your refrigeration unit functioning properly and at the proper temperature. Worn gaskets will do just the opposite allowing warm air to creep into your refrigeration or freezer units that diminishes efficiency and increases energy costs. Clean all vents filters and screens of foreign debris, air circulation is required for your units to operate efficiently.

Select efficient motors-Be sure to replace refrigerator condensers or motors that have failed with high efficiency units these motors will operate longer with high efficiency performance and that means big energy cost savings.