refrigeration service near St. LouisAmerican Services walk in freezer and refrigeration maintenance in St. Louis County knows that maintenance managers have many options to reduce power usage and extend the life of commercial refrigeration units including coolers, freezers, and ice machines. Here is a short but extremely important list of suggested maintenance tips that you may want to implement at your facility;

– Keep Condenser Coils Clean: this includes condensers located on coolers, freezers, and ice machines. The condenser coil acts as the heat exchanger on refrigeration units. The condenser coil is the coil located on the outside of the unit and it expels the heat from refrigerant by passing it through a coil with the aid of a fan. CAUTION-it is absolutely critical to keep this coil unit clean for proper operation of the unit. Failure to do so WILL result in expensive repairs including but not limited to complete compressor failure, fan motor failure, tubing restrictions, burnt wiring, and electrical connection/thermostat failure.

-Consult a certified refrigeration systems maintenance service company to evaluate your refrigeration system at least twice year: these certified technicians available at American Services, are a good source of preventive maintenance tips and suggestions that can be used between formal maintenance operations. Your routine inspections should be done frequently. A clean condenser coil is one way to GO GREEN by saving on power consumption and greatly prolonging the life of the equipment.

-Unit Clearances: in order to ensure proper air flow is maintained around the condenser coil, maintenance staff should keep a minimum of two to four inches of clearance around sides and back of self-contained units. Five to eight inches of clearance is optimal, though some commercial kitchens may not accommodate this. Jamming coolers against directly against the wall is a sure way to expand the most amount of energy and guarantee many maintenance problems.

To schedule maintenance on your walk in freezer, cooler, or refrigerator unit, be sure to contact American Services refrigeration repair service in Saint Louis MO today.  You won’t be disappointed!