refrigerationWhen it comes to refrigeration, there is vast history in its making and it, like many other modern day technologies, hasn’t been around forever, nor has it always provided the same level of efficiency and function.  As we learned previously, salt was an ancient form of meat preservation and actually worked.  “Salting food was a common preservation method before the invention of refrigerators.” Bacteria cannot survive in salt, so rubbing dry salt on food or covering it in a salt solution called brine can help keep meat and other foods from spoiling. The actual earliest form of refrigeration was seen by the few people who had the advantage of an icehouse to cool their food to preserve it.

In the early 30’s, Freon came to be.  According to our research on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration Repair near Clayton MO, the biggest concerns surrounding Freon were environmental.  There was definitely proof that it was not the best thing for our environment and so scientists worked to modify and help minimize the potential damaging effects.  As a result, mandates and chemical make-up of Freon has evolved over the years.

Today, just about all American households and businesses have a refrigerator. It saves a ton of time in preserving foods, making it much more practical and convenient for our modern day, demanding lifestyles.  The food being preserved, according to your St Louis Refrigeration Maintenance near Clayton, is allowed to remain safe and edible for much longer periods of time as well.  “Because of the number of refrigerators used in homes, businesses, and transporting food and supplies, there is a significant need for trained professionals who can repair and maintain this equipment. HVAC technicians are well-versed in refrigeration technologies as it cools and dehumidifies. When these systems are in need of repair, they require knowledge in the theory behind the systems and knowledge in how the equipment runs to be able to fix it.”