frigWe recently wrote, on behalf of your Industrial Refrigeration Sales near Ladue, about the green technology wave that came on even stronger than previously experienced in the recent government announcements and push towards renewed energy.  Whether you believe the government has an agenda or not (and most are at least wise enough to know that they do), you also cannot deny that our resources are in danger and the earth is being effected in ways that require our protection to an extent.  So, HVAC and refrigeration technologies have altered the industry offerings and are doing what they can to have a positive impact and create a wave of change in the direction of green.

“Our list of 7 Green Technologies That Are Changing HVAC takes a look at changes in simple components as while as entire systems in HVAC.”  These things can be applied to the subject of St Louis Refrigeration near Ladue as well.   “Still, even more improved technologies can be expected in the future as companies work toward changing this country’s reliance on fossil fuels, which in the U.S. stands at 82 percent.”  An astoundingly low 9 percent of the country’s energy supplies currently make use of renewable sources, which leaves plenty of room for change in HVAC systems and refrigeration alike.

The on command hot water re-circulator is an awesome example of one way that HVAC and refrigeration works to help.  “This product, produced by Taco, Inc., out of Cranston, Rhode Island, saves money, energy and water while delivering hot water in a timely manner. It involves installation of the ‘On Command’ pump that attaches to the hot and cold water lines under a kitchen or bath fixture in a home.” When this St Louis Refrigeration product is fired up, it permits the cool water being drained to circulate back to the water heater through the cold water line, allowing hot water to be delivered at any time 24 hours a day.  Keep reading here, for more examples of green technology being offered by your St Louis Refrigeration Sales near Ladue.