Refrigeration service in MOAmerican Services refrigeration installation and repair in St. Louis knows that large grocery store’s refrigeration costs can be as high as 50% of all operational costs.  For that reason it’s important to select the right equipment and use every technique possible to reduce costs.

One of the biggest culprits for cost and energy waste are the open display cases.  These cases found in supermarkets around the country are convenient, but extremely costly to operate.  Open display cases are often used to store quick grab items like yogurt, milk and other impulse buy items.  While this convenience can add to a stores bottom line, the cost of operating these displays needs to be taken into consideration.  Depending on the store size and the amount of these cases in a supermarket,as much as 30% of energy costs can be blamed on these open air designs.  A simple solution to these energy hogs is to just change the display cases with refrigerator units with auto closing doors.  The glass doors can still push sales and offers a way to reduce energy waste and costs.

Another simple way to control costs is to make sure that all refrigeration units in the store come with a high Energy Star rating.  This program was put into place by the Environmental Protection Agency and rates a variety of appliances for both home and business use on their efficiency.  If your supermarket uses the reach in type refrigerators, selecting Energy Star rated ones will allow you to save money the second you plug them in.  In order to receive the star the EPA requires the appliances to use 30% less energy than the government standard requires.

Saving on operational costs in a supermarket can mean the difference between acceptable profit margins and barely getting by or even losing money.  Designing a supermarket floor plan should always take in consideration the energy costs and the types of units being installed.  Making just minor changes to your design can end up saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the years