refrigeration serviceWhen it comes to your commercial refrigerator purchase from American Services near Ladue, you must do a few vital things before and after purchase.  Make sure, first of all, that the space you or your contractor has allowed is enough room to fit your commercial refrigerator.  This is, of course the same advice for any commercial kitchen piece you buy, including your freezer as well.  Make sure, also, that the refrigeration piece is allowed to settle, standing upright for one day after it comes off a truck, before plugging it in for use.

So, say all is well for the first few days, until it’s not.  One problem that some people will have with commercial refrigeration is a leak or water dripping onto your food and settling at the bottom of your refrigeration unit near Ladue MO.  Then a few nights later, it happens, the refrigeration unit you purchased stops cooling overnight and you have a freezer full of spoiled food.

At this point you call the refrigeration service near Ladue MO from American Services and they send their top qualified certified refrigeration service technician who determines almost immediately that your commercial refrigerator has a frozen evaporator.  This can all be prevented by the pitch of the system.  If at the wrong angle, the condensate from the evaporator is not allowed to move on to the condenser.  Thank goodness it isn’t the quality of your American Services Commercial Refrigeration unit.  No, it is the install done by someone other than a professional, obviously.  Here, at American Services near Ladue, we not only sell you the unit, but offer to professionally install it as well.  This will save you money in the long run and ensure that your commercial equipment is set up properly in the first place.