refrigeration maintenance in MOAmerican Services refrigeration service knows that a specifically designed flat panel refrigeration unit with a built-in freezer, the Sub Zero refrigerator, is an extremely efficient cooling unit. The difference in the high tech units is that they have no visible door hinges and line up flush with the existing cabinetry.

These high tech refrigerators have been designed to consume less energy than traditional refrigerators.  They are available in a variety of shapes and styles, with an optional glass front door. Sub Zero refrigerators differ from traditional refrigerators in that they also contain an extra layer of insulation and sealing rubber that keeps the cold trapped inside the device, resulting in longer lasting food.  These units are the most efficient appliance rated by refrigerator technicians.  These refrigerators are not immune to problems, therefore preventative maintenance should become a daily scheduled routine.

Condenser Fan and Dust Accumulation

One problem that may encounter during routine maintenance inspections with your Sub Zero refrigerator is an accumulation of dust on and around the appliance’s condenser fan and housing this is normal. However, if left unattended, excessive dust will cause the fan to fail prematurely, as well as the compressor-the refrigerator’s main cooling element.  This can also severely restrict unit longevity. Certified refrigeration technicians from American Services recommend that condenser fans need cleaning each time the appliance is serviced- multiple times throughout the year.

Drain Pan Leaks and Flooding

Leaking drain pans contribute to appliance flooding.  This can happen in either its freezer or refrigerator compartments. The leak develops near the refrigerator’s drain hole due to the hole being plugged or freezing over. The freezing water can inhibit the refrigerator from cooling and operating properly. Simple maintenance inspections will help prevent costly repairs.

The Sub Zero refrigerator’s door switch not only controls the light inside the appliance, but also controls the unit’s fan on/off function. This fan control switch keeps the Sub Zero refrigerator cooling and working efficiently. The door switch is prone to failure(due to repeated use) and can lead to spoiled food, inefficient unit operation, and the appliance’s compressor having to work harder under load and subsequently failing.

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