refrigerationThe history of refrigeration is one topic we have been meaning to explore for a while now, and so, on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration Repair and Sales near O’Fallon MO, we will start discussing that very subject today.  There have been many changes in the way refrigeration works over time.  Salting food was a common preservation method before the invention of refrigerators. Bacteria cannot survive in salt, so rubbing dry salt on food or covering it in a salt solution called brine can help keep meat and other foods from spoiling. “Some people had the advantage of an icehouse to cool their food to preserve it, which was the earliest form of a refrigerator.”  According to our efforts in research on behalf of St Louis Refrigeration sales near O’Fallon, we know that GE came up with the first refrigeration that not all people could necessarily take advantage of due to cost.

“After General Electric produced the first electric refrigerator in 1911, the wealthiest Americans could afford the luxury of having this new invention in their homes. Other people used an icebox to preserve their food.” An ice box was a costly alternative, according to Refrigeration sales and service in St Louis, because so much water had to be used and frozen. After freezing it, the ice had to be cut, stored and finally, delivered.  In the 1930’s is when Freon was first put to use inside refrigeration.

Progressing down the timeline on behalf of your Refrigeration sales in St Louis near O’Fallon, we find that after WWII, refrigerators were produced in mass quantities, making them affordable and widely available in the US. They popped up with new features like automatic defrosting and icemakers. “Combination refrigerator and freezer units were immensely popular. Throughout the 1970s, 1980s and into the 1990s, environmental concerns over the use of Freon were debated and studied. Because of its estimated effect on the environment, the government put tight restrictions on the use of Freon in refrigeration equipment.”