autonomous drivingWe write on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration Sales near Kirkwood MO today and want to brush upon the subject of autonomous cars. You may be wondering what in the world autonomous cars have to do with refrigeration?   Well, we know that if and when cars drive themselves, that will likely have an impact on many people with contracting businesses.  Based on several different accounts and reports uncovered in our recent research on behalf of your Refrigeration Sales and Installation in St Louis, we know that self driving cars are close to being a reality.

“Automotive giants, like Ford Motor Co., General Motors, and Tesla Inc., are racing to see which can get their self-driving cars on the road first. Even Uber has invested in the technology. Additionally, 22 states have passed legislation related to autonomous vehicles, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.”

Despite the infancy of the self driving technology, many of us in the contracting work sector are amping up for what this could mean to the HVAC and Refrigeration industry in St Louis near Kirkwood MO.  Refrigeration and HVAC installation near Kirkwood understands that the HVACR industry and cars are two separate entities.  These subjects, however, are definitely related and will play upon one another. “This is one time our industry can look ahead four or five years, and be ready for it,” Kyle said. “We’ve oftentimes let things creep up on us, whether it was technology, industry changes, or shifting markets, but the autonomous vehicle thing is absolutely going to happen, and it’s going to change everything. It’s time to start thinking and planning so that when we get there, we have viable business models that match that marketplace.”  It is only seven or eight years away and will have a lot to do with whether or not older folks decide to stay in their homes for more years, thereby effecting nursing homes.  That is just the tip of the iceberg.  What about garage space being turned into more livable areas?  Seriously, if your car parks itself somewhere else, then this may be a real thing.  Stay tuned for how this may affect your HVAC and Refrigeration installation contract jobs in St Louis near Kirkwood by reading more posts on this blog.