commercial refrigeration maintenance in MOAmerican Services commercial refrigeration repair in St. Louis knows that many steps for refrigerator maintenance are relatively simple, such as closing your walk in refrigerator door when not in use.  This is one of the most frequently committed energy wasting actions employees engage in, thinking that they’re saving time by propping the door open. Make sure the door is closed at all times except when entering and exiting the walk in refrigerator.

Tips for keeping refrigerators operating optimally;

-Periodically (a minimum of twice a year) perform preventative maintenance on your evaporator and condensing coil. If your condensing coil is located outside it should be cleaned and serviced frequently.

-Make sure fan motors are running at optimum speed, bent and dirty fan blades will create drag. Make sure there is nothing stacked, blocked, or impeding air flow around the coil.

-Once a year consult a certified service technician to thoroughly inspect all electrical connections insuring all are good and tight. Loose wires can cause your unit to use more energy thus driving up energy efficiency costs.

– Conduct inspection for damage or decay in the insulation on suction lines between condensing unit and evaporator coil.

– Check door sweep for tears, seal properly if needed.

– Hinges should be lubricated once a year to keep walk in doors operating properly.

– Make sure the lights are off when exiting the walk-in refrigerator because lights produce heat which will cause your unit to run longer.

– On outside condensing units maintain clear and adequate air flow, keep trash and weeds clear from condensing unit intakes.

– Don’t pile anything on top of your refrigerator walk-in, this is the number one cause for damage to the outside metal covering of your walk in.

– Finally check gaskets between panels to make sure they are not cracked, weathered, if so check with your local health code for the correct procedure to follow as far as repair and replacement.