iceThermally-driven air conditioning is the next new technology that we wish to discuss further on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration Sales near South County MO.  “Chromasun, based out of North Sydney, as in Australia, makes a thermally-driven chiller that provides a low-cost alternative to conventional air-conditioning units, which are electrically driven.”

That seems like a lot to wrap your head around, but essentially these chillers make use of solar energy that, when running short, can be supplemented by natural gas and that lends itself to a greener route and also adds significant value to our discussion about renewable energy in the St Louis Refrigeration Sales world. The company mentioned above makes it own solar panels that generate a high enough temperature to drive a double-effect chiller, which it describes as its most effective system. According to our most recent research on the subject on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration Service near South County, the company’s double-chiller system is said to provide more cooling than comparative photovoltaic systems, and eliminates electricity costs.

Another cool concept is the ice powered air conditioner. “Ice Energy, based out of Glendale, Calif., uses an ice-powered air-conditioning unit called the Ice Bear to cool buildings and in most cases, reduce a building’s total net energy consumption.”  Keeping up as best we can on the latest technology, your St Louis Refrigeration Maintenance and Sales near South County found the following information worth sharing for green HVAC and Refrigeration evidence in our neck of the woods.   “In a very abbreviated description, the Ice Bear works by freezing 450 gallons of water in a tank overnight and making that available for cooling the next day. When the Ice Bear is switched from its Ice Charging to Ice Cooling mode, it provides cooling for up to six hours. After its ice has melted, the job of cooling reverts back to the building’s conventional commercial A/C unit, which is why the Ice Bear works in conjunction with a conventional unit. The company describes the product as the first effectively loss-less energy solution.”