commercial refrigeration repair service in MOThere are many options with commercial industrial refrigeration in Missouri. Each choice is uniquely different and designed for various applications. Whether you are building a new operation, replacing an existing unit at your current operation or just wanting some general information, it is important to have an understanding of the basics before meeting with a refrigeration supplier.

Commercial refrigeration units are most widely seen in restaurant kitchens and grocery stores. Standards options are solid door or glass door units, display refrigerators, under counter refrigerators, chef bases, worktop refrigerators, milk coolers, open air merchandisers, dual temperature refrigerators, roll in & rack refrigerators, commercial floral coolers, dual zone display merchandisers, walk-in coolers, wall mount units, lettuce crispers & dispensers, and fish file refrigerators. When selecting a commercial refrigeration unit you will want to assess your current operation and identify what the specific need is for refrigeration. For example: If your operation regularly creates a large volume of pastry items, then a roll-in & rack refrigerator or walk-in cooler would be a great option. Also, you will want to identify the electrical requirements. Most refrigeration units will run on standard 115V but it is not uncommon to see 220V requirements.

Industrial refrigeration units are designed specifically for suppliers, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and even chemical plants. Much like the commercial refrigeration units, there are a vast array of makes, models, applications, and functions. It is important to assess your needs and meet with a reputable industrial refrigeration distributor. The brains behind any industrial refrigeration unit is the control panel. The panel must be able to control all refrigeration equipment as well as handle the distribution of electricity.

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