missouri refrigeration serviceWalk in coolers are  standard refrigeration equipment in most commercial restaurants.  Keeping food cool is an important step to maintaining freshness in order to give customers the freshest food possible.  While walk ins are important and a great addition to a restaurant, they are also hazard potentials that need to be considered.

Restaurant owners need to make sure they are checking the seals on their walk in coolers on a regular basis.  If the seals are cracked or dried out they need to be replaced immediately.  Not only will a bad seal end up decreasing cooler efficiency and costing money, but can also lead to a safety hazard.  If the seal isn’t tight, air can enter into the walk in and cause an increase in condensation which can make the floors and walls slick and potentially dangerous.  Along with keep the seals tight, owners will want to make sure that they are removing any ice from the floor on a regular basis.  These potential issues can be avoided if the walk in cooler is checked on a daily basis.

Another potential hazard for any walk in is poor storage management.  Boxes should be carefully stacked and pushed flush against the wall, to insure that there aren’t any tipping hazards.  The floor should also be kept clear of boxes and any debris to avoid any possibility of tripping.  Owners should also make sure that the floor of the walk in is properly maintained and that no part of the flooring is sticking up or broken.  These steps are often overlooked in maintaining a freezer, but can mean the difference between employee safety and potential problems.

To keep all employees safe a buddy system should be employed and enforced.  The buddy system simply means that before anyone enters the walk in cooler that they tell their buddy that they are going in there.  While it might be rare, employees have become trapped in walk ins and this remains a very possible danger.  The buddy system is just one way to prevent something like this from happening and more sophisticated methods can be employed if necessary.

The last thing a restaurant owner wants is an employee get hurt while on the job.  Employee safety is an important aspect of any business and maintaining a safe environment will help to limit owner liability.  Walk in coolers are a great items to have in a restaurant, but they can also contain potential hazards, so a solid safety plan is a must for every owner.

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