refrigeration repair in St. LouisAmerican Services restaurant equipment repair in Ladue knows that for those businesses that deal with food such as restaurants and grocery stores, having an inefficient or poorly maintained refrigeration system can cause your business unnecessary maintenance and repair cost.

Commercial refrigeration systems are a critical and essential part of doing business daily.  Significant financial loss can occur when commercial refrigerators or freezers breakdown.  More often than not poor maintenance and improper employee use are to blame.

Inadequate maintenance can be attributed to the number one cause of unnecessary equipment failure when it comes to commercial refrigeration. Owners with an already tight budget hesitate to diagnose or spend money on a regular scheduled maintenance program. Additional items, such as dirty coils and the inadequate monitoring of Freon levels also commonly contribute to insure a breakdown of the equipment.

Lack of refrigeration

On many occasions it’s merely a defect in the door, the liner around the door, or employees leaving the door slightly ajar that can cause lack of proper cooling. It’s possible over time the doors begin to require a little extra push, this will also cause a loss of refrigerant or loss of product. Another possible source will be in the closing latch itself, if the locking surfaces are not engaging properly, the door not being properly shut, will cause a loss of cooling.

Frequent trips in and out of the cooler will help produce inadequate refrigeration, keeping lights on inside of your refrigerator units will help keep temperatures up. Overall it’s important to implement a regularly scheduled maintenance program for your refrigerant equipment. Encouraging your employees to become part of this program will provide success, and reduction in maintenance cost down the road.