refrigeration maintenance in MOAmerican Services refrigeration maintenance and repair service in St. Louis knows that the worse thing a restaurant owner can hear is that the walk in cooler isn’t cold. Repair expenses become an immediate concern for restaurant owners, but also the expense of loss of food due to lack of proper refrigeration.

Seasoned restaurant owners will tell you that when something goes wrong with your refrigeration system, it will happen during your busiest time of day, usually on the weekend during dinner, breakfast, or lunch rush.

To ensure that sudden unexpected breakdowns do not occur, it’s imperative that you keep your refrigeration system in great running condition with proper maintenance performed on a regular basis.

Here are some tips on corrosion, dust, and gaskets for keeping your system in top running shape;

Keep Your Refrigeration System Free of Dust

Whenever dirt and dust gathers on the compressor coils it impairs the system’s ability to cool properly.  This increases your energy expense with higher utility bills and forces the compressor to work harder.  When a compressor works too hard for too long it will eventually burn itself out, resulting in an inconvenient breakdown-usually during your busiest time of day/week.

Cover Acidic Foods in Your Walk-In Cooler

Although you probably already know that keeping foods covered in the refrigerator enables the highest level of food safety, there is another reason to cover foods, particularly acidic food items-many highly acidic foods can also add to the corrosion in your commercial refrigeration system.  Food items such as pickles, tomatoes, cranberries, and other highly acidic foods should be kept in an air tight plastic container with a sealed lid.

Keep All Drains Clear in Your Refrigeration System 

The drain at the bottom of your refrigerator is the place where condensation can escape, if the drain is blocked, condensation will build up resulting in frozen build up in freezers and flooded interior refrigerators.  These conditions will cause the condenser to work harder which will eventually lead to failure of the condenser to operate. Cleaning drains every day is a vital part of maintenance to keep your refrigeration system running optimally.

Check your Gasket Seal Each Week

The simplest way to check to see if your gaskets need replaced on your commercial refrigeration system is to close the door with a dollar bill in it-if you can pull the dollar out with the door closed, it’s time to change the gasket. Bad gaskets result in cool air loss and an increase in the work load of the compressor and condenser.