refrigerationRefrigerators are hardworking appliances that run 24/7 and deserve some TLC in order to operate at their finest for the longest.  But let’s be honest here, other than clearing out smelly food, how much time did you devote to refrigerator maintenance last year?  The fact is that if you want your appliances to last a long time, according to your St Louis Refrigeration Sales near Overland MO, their full life expectancy being about 13 years, you need to show the love they deserve and handle the routine simple maintenance tasks they need.

So, what might these routing tasks involve?  According to the research we did on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration Service near Overland, you need to empty the ice.  “Ice can absorb freezer odors and form solid blocks in the bottom of bins. To keep ice loose and smelling sweet, empty ice bins monthly and start fresh; put an open box of odor-sucking baking soda in the freezer.”  Every three months, there is yet another task list that involves inspection of the door gasket, according to your St Louis Refrigeration Maintenance near Overland MO.  If you have dirty and flimsy gaskets that go unchecked, this will prevent refrigerator doors from closing tightly and put stress on motors. It would be wise to clean grimy gaskets with soapy water and dry completely. If seals are loose, their embedded magnets should be either replaced or re-magnetized as well.  “If you’re handy, re-magnetizing is a DIY job — just run a powerful magnet along each side of the gasket, in the same direction, about 50 times.”

Cleaning your refrigerator’s condenser coils is yet one other way to maintain your refrigerator and its needs in St Louis near Overland.  “Condenser coils in the back of your fridge cool and condense refrigerant, releasing heat. If they’re clogged with dust and pet hair, they stress the compressor and waste energy.”