commercial refrigeration in MOAmerican Services industrial refrigeration repair in St. Louis knows that mobile refrigeration is a form of refrigeration which is designed specifically to address refrigeration needs in mobile environments. There are a wide range of mobile refrigeration technologies, from simple coolers used to keep things like vaccines cold during transport to refrigerated big-rig trucks, sometimes known as “reefers.” The goal of mobile refrigeration is to achieve and maintain a stable cool temperature for the purpose of protecting goods or organisms during transport.

In the commercial sense, there are a number of uses for mobile refrigeration. For food safety reasons, many foods have to be transported in refrigerated vehicles or containers, to ensure that dangerous bacteria do not have an opportunity to grow. Examples of products shipped in this way include: fresh dairy, meat, foods with live cultures, seafood, frozen foods, and products without stabilizers. The use of mobile refrigeration also expands the market a product can reach, as it might otherwise be limited to a small geographic area.

Mobile refrigeration is also used to protect other products which need to stay cool, such as cut flowers, which are often shipped in chilled containers, along with medical supplies such as medications which must stay cool to stay stable, and vaccines. Organs for transplant are also transported under refrigeration to keep the tissues viable until the organ can be attached to a new blood supply.

Risking equipment failure resulting in the spoilage of large quantities of cooled or frozen inventory is certainly something that needs to be carefully managed. Timely servicing and proactively upgrading cooling equipment is a task that can be costly but necessary. Waiting for an emergency type scenario will yield unnecessary stress. American Services in is prepared to help with mobile industrial refrigeration in Illinois.