Today everything is going digital.  It is the way of the future.  People are constantly connected to the internet.  We connect by our phones, laptops, tablets, and now even our cars.  The main goal for most of this connectivity is to inform.  There are now web based systems that can remotely monitor your refrigeration system sending you info in real time to help make your system more efficient.

One system is called Remote Refrigeration Control.  It provides real time reports and alerts that let you know the integrity of your food supply from where ever you may be at that particular time.  What does this do for you? It improves product safety, energy efficiency, and operating costs.  So in other words saving you money. RRC logs all of your systems data that helps extend the life of your equipment.  According to the makers of RRC it access your system to track status, alarm history, and space temperature-trend graphs. The detailed data views show additional system performance information, such as the number of compressor cycles, total compressor run time, and length of defrost cycle.

You are sent updates via text or email which ever you prefer.  You can also add users so that if you are unable to take care of a situation due to being, say on vacation, a dedicated person can handle it for you.  You can also use it for monitoring and managing cold storage industry apps.

So why would you need this? Well you will be notified immediately if you are need of a repair.  You will see up to 10% of energy reduction.  The system is easy to use.  Talk to your Jefferson County commercial refrigeration specialist today about how to get better connected to your refrigeration system.