liquid nitrogenI am a pretty big science junkie.  For this reason, when writing for the businesses who pay me to do so, I always migrate towards late breaking news and information in this field.  Refrigeration is a subject that really comes to light in the world of technology and science.  There almost always seems to be something new and exciting worth talking about.  Today, on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration sales near Overland MO, we look at cryogenic, more specifically, how cryogenics relates to the future of refrigeration.

“The Sustainable Innovation in Refrigeration, AC and Heat (SIRACH) network will next month host a special event looking at potential applications for the innovative use of Cryogenic Cooling. These applications will include a broad number of functions such as the potential use of cryogenics for functions such as refrigerated retail delivery.”  This is specifically talking about refrigeration with the use of nitrogen liquid, according to the reading we have been doing on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration Service near Overland.

“The event, which is taking place at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) on October 12, will bring together expertise from across academia, the private sector and space exploration to understand possible industry implications for innovative cooling.”  The day will include many different things that discuss and verify the validity of Nitrogen driven cryogenics in the refrigeration world, including case studies like the one from Sainsbury concerning the usage of refrigeration delivery trucks being cooled presently with liquid nitrogen. There are also expected to be presentations covering larger scale energy storage using cryogenics.  The possibilities are endless and the science is intriguing.  For more information, talk to your St Louis Refrigeration Company near Overland MO today.