It seems like everyone today is trying to find more ways to be efficient.  Whether it’s using your smart phone to check your thermostat at home or switching over to LED light bulbs. The government has put into place new energy laws to combat global warming.  What’s great about saving energy, is it also saves you money.  In my opinion it’s a win win, both for the environment and your bottom dollar.

If you have a convenience store or grocery store, you probably depend heavily on your refrigeration system.  And your refrigeration cases use a lot of energy.  Many grocers have open refrigeration systems.  I know all of the local stores I shop do.  Mainly for things like cheeses, butter, and other non-frozen items.  This is literally leaving the refrigerator open.

Putting doors on the open cases seems to be an easy and logical fix.  But some may have concerns for their customers.  You know how humans are; we don’t like change.  However the benefits are much more than the negatives.  Here are a couple benefits that may encourage you to also change your refrigeration techniques.

For one the cost of installing these energy saving techniques may be able to be offset by obtaining electric utility rebates that could give you up to a 10% rebate.  We all like free money.  Customers also will experience comfort due to warmer aisles and better product quality.  While business owners will see less product loss due to better temperature controlled cases. And the best thing may be your refrigeration energy costs going down as much as 60%.

So what is holding you back from changing out your open door refrigeration systems?  Talk to your specialist in refrigeration installation near Maryland Heights about how you can cut utility costs and improve the environment all at the same time all while providing fresher products to your customers.