commercial refrigeration in MOAmerican Services refrigeration repair service in Saint Louis knows that when it comes to commercial refrigeration systems, there are many great options and features available to improve the efficiency and performance of your refrigeration system.  One example is to consider stainless steel or vinyl exterior on your commercial refrigerator instead of aluminum because stainless and vinyl are both easier to clean.

In order to increase the area your commercial refrigerator can encompass, consider ordering casters instead of legs.  Be sure to check health code regulations to ensure that mobile refrigeration systems are allowed.

You can add more wire shelves for storage if needed.  Check out how many standard shelves your new system comes with and then calculate how you will arrange them.  If more space is needed in your cold storage, you can add more wire shelves to increase your storage ability in your commercial kitchen.

Pan slides are a great way to store cold stored pans of prepared items ready to be put directly into the oven.  Pan slides will work for this function even better than wire shelves.

Glass doors can be utilized in place of solid doors to enable staff to easily see what is inside without keeping the door open for prolonged periods to find food items.  Door hinges can easily be customized to allow refrigerator doors to open from either direction in order to promote a more efficient running kitchen.  Sliding glass doors are another option, as well as drawers in place of doors to add diversity to the way your cold items are stored.

Having doors on both sides of a refrigeration unit is called a pass through application.  One example of this application is a hinged half height door on the restaurant side and a full height door on the kitchen side to provide access to food on either side.

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