ozone in commercial refrigerationAmerican Services refrigeration repair service near University City knows that ozone is a molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms and is commonly denoted at O3. In normal conditions, ozone is very unstable but can act as a powerful biocide and virus deactivat0r. It will oxidize many organic and inorganic substances. Over the last 20 years, improvements in technology have made small-scale, stand-alone commercial ozone generators available to commercial and industrial operations.

The use of Ozone as a maintenance process in industrial cooling towers is relatively new and becoming a viable option for preventative maintenance task in some operations. A small amount of ozone acts as a powerful biocide that decreases or nearly eliminates the need to remove quantities of water from the cooling tower in order to decrease the concentration of organic and mineral solids in the system. It can also reduce the need for chemical additives added to the cooling tower water.

Research indicates that cooling towers associated with chillers for air-conditioning are good candidates for the ozone application process. One downside that has been noted is that ozone can be a corrosion stimulant rather than an inhibitor in some circumstances. However, it is easier to combat corrosion in a clean system than in one that is biologically and mineralogically fouled.

Field tests have demonstrated that the use of ozone in place of chemical treatment can reduce the need for blow down, and, in some cases where water and ambient air are relatively clean, can eliminate it. Some researchers also believe that in industrial cooling applications, ozone can act as a descaling agent and aid in the maintenance procedures to promote higher efficiency and reduced energy consumption.