refrigeration systems in MOWalk-in coolers and freezers are a necessity for refrigeration in industrial needs for commercial and restaurant industries. Having a quality cooler or freezer will ensure your product stays fresh and safe until it is needed.

Most walk in coolers and freezers consist of assembled panels that have inner and outer metal skins with an insulated core.  Coolers and freezers can be built to fit a custom space, or pre-ordered from a standard template depending on your application.  Oftentimes a non-traditional space has been converted into restaurant kitchen or product storage area and a cooler or freezer needs to fit in an unusual location.  Other times, standard size cooler and freezer specs are provided to the architect during the initial design of the facility.

Refrigeration systems in Saint Louis must have a quality locking system with an emergency release from the inside.  Heavy-duty gaskets are a must to ensure an air tight seal between refrigeration panels and between the door and door jamb.

The insulation quality is measured in R-Value.  R-Value is the resistance to heat flow through an object.  The higher the R-Value, the better rated the insulation is.  By law, coolers must have an R-Value of R-25 and freezers must have an R-Value of at least R-32.  This has been set by the EISA.  Typical insulation used is either polyurethane or extruded polystyrene.  There are benefits to each type of insulation for various applications.  The best cooler or freezer for your commercial business will need to be at the recommendation of a professional refrigeration technician’s assessment of your location.

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