supermarket display caseIf you own a business that utilizes commercial refrigeration cases, you probably already understand the energy usage associated with this type of equipment.  This is especially true for those who have opted for open door units.  Today, the team at American Services wants to provide you with some information regarding the energy benefits associated with closed-door units and present a simple plan you can use to help convert your open door units to those that are closed-door style.

Traditional open-display cases, such as those that hold meat and dairy in a supermarket, are know to account for the largest consumption of refrigeration system energy within that business.  This is why you should consider retrofitting any of your open-display cases.  In fact, laboratory studies and DOE analysis has shown that “for medium-temperature, remote-condensing open refrigerated display cases, infiltration loads comprise 70-80 percent of the total case heat loads. For comparison, in display cases manufactured with vertical transparent display doors and operating in a similar configuration, the infiltration accounts for only roughly 10 percent of the heat load that must be removed from the display case.”  This equates to a great savings in energy for a business that makes the choice to retrofit.  It is also important to note, that retrofitting is much less costly than investing in new equipment.  Most agree that the retrofitting process equates to about half the cost of total replacement.

So, what should you do when considering retrofitting your open-door cases?  The first step should include a call to your Wentzville area refrigeration service and parts provider.  From there, the process will most likely include:  Composing a Retrofit Plan; Performing the Case Modification and Door Retrofit; Completing a Refrigeration-System Reconfiguration; Conducting a System Performance Evaluation; and finally, Monitoring and Follow-Up. This sequence of steps will give you the best results from your new equipment.  Good luck with your retrofit project!